…and we are starting with a conference in Portugal, which will be hosted by our consortium partner CEIFAcoop together with the municipality of Lourinhã in Central Portugal.

The conference is part of a series dedicated to “Climate Change: Quo Vadis, Lourinhã?” and will take part from 14.-16.02.2020. Throughout the 3-days workshop on “Agriculture, Food and Climate” different stakeholders will gather and share their experiences on the topic.

Day 1 will start with a colloquium to introduce the topic, followed by a poster session and discussion before ending the day with a “show cooking” event on healthy food. On Day 2, participants will have the opportunity to visit sustainability-oriented local enterprises and a local ONG initiative. The closing day offers the experience of a hands-on field activity, where participants can actively work on the cultivation of hedges for biodiversity with autochthonous and climate-adapted plants.

We are very happy to also share the great news, that this event is the fruitful outcome of the focus group discussion taking place in the region. If you are interested in participating yourself, register for free via www.ceifacoop.pt