As of January 2019, SDGs Labs is in full swing as an Eramus+ Knowledge Alliance project.
The project team is composed out of 8 organizations in 4 European countries: Austria, Germany, Italy and Portugal. The consortium consists of three universities, three businesses, one start-up hub and one NGO.


RCE Vienna is an UN certified science-society interface, mobilised to deliver education for sustainable development (ESD) to local and regional communities. It builds an innovative platform and knowledge base for multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary information-sharing, dialogue and collaboration for promoting ESD among regional/local stakeholders. RCE Vienna is a part of the University of Economics Vienna which is the largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences in the EU.

The ISEKI-Food Association is a non-profit organisation, established by representatives of university, research institutes, companies and associations related to food, coming from all over the world. ISEKI focuses on education and training as well as building synergies between research, education/teaching, industry and authorities in the food sector. Other activities include working towards the quality assurance of food studies, international accreditation and certification of training and curricula.


The University of Vechta is known by its expertise in innovative methods for transformative, inter and transdisciplinary and competence-oriented teaching and learning. At the University the “Center for Transformation Research in Areas of Intensive Agriculture” is located and operating. It represents a network of universities, business associations, NGOs and two ministries. Its core competencies lay in the field of multidirectional knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary transformation research related to the agribusiness and food production sector.

WIESENHOF is Germanys leading poultry brand. The poultry division is the largest segment within the family-owned PHW Group. Additionaly in the recent past, the distribution of plant based protein products have become more and more important. The PHW Group is successfully managed by the third generation of the Wesjohann family. Responsible actions and sustainable corporate governance are firmly rooted and integral elements in the tradition of WIESENHOF.


The University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), located in Northeastern Portugal, is focused on the development, transmission and diffusion of knowledge, science and culture, through teaching, research and experimental development. UTAD is community-oriented, engaging with companies and other economic and cultural sectors to reinforce innovation on holistic level for its region. UTAD supports the participation of students and professors in international mobility and cooperation programs, projects and networks towards continuous capacity building.

Regia Douro Park is a science and technology park situated in Portugal. Main focus of their work is on agri-food, agri-industrial, enology, winemaking, green economy, environmental valorization and agri-environmental technologies. The Park represents a pillar of integrated economic development. It has multiple capacities to support entrepreneurs and companies, business projects, national and international investors, promotion of research, as well as development and transfer of technology and knowledge.


CEIFAcoop is a non-profit cooperative located in Portugal, that offers consulting, research and education with the aim to contribute to sustainable development. They seek to provide answers to the current challenges faced by various sectors of the society - through holistic, responsible and cooperative solutions. Two main focuses of their work are Waste Management, working on Horizons 2020 project “Urban_Wins”, and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), where they co-developed the first RCE in Portugal.


Terra Institute is a strategy consultancy company and a center of expertise for innovation and sustainability. With international experience in the special fields of innovation & sustainability, circular economy and new business models, and for companies with purpose and transformative leadership, they provide impulses for development through consulting, coaching, further education and events. Their driver is to contribute to a global system change in economy and society: climate and nature regeneration, global cooperation, prosperity and peace.