…from 12th to 14th February 2020 and was the second of four events about Climate Change that our consortium partner CEIFAcoop is organizing in Lourinhã (Portugal) in cooperation with the local municipality.

During the first day several presentations took place, covering diverse topic such as water scarcity, irrigation measures, as well as daily challenges local farmers face: on the one hand, the consumers that require extremely low prices for food products and, on the other hand, the chemical industry that offers a lot of low-cost products that actually sink the production costs, in particular the labor costs. Given
this double pressure, it is very difficult for the local farmers to implement changes towards a more sustainable agriculture. During the following poster exhibition, the 30 participants had the opportunity to analyze 12 different posters about the issues at stake – from the contribution of agriculture to climate change up to food waste and organic waste management. Two posters provided information about the SDGs Labs project and the SDGs. The first day finished with a Workshop on Sustainable Cooking.

On the second day guided visits to different places were organized: Quinta da Galeana, a local organic farm of ovine and poultry production, the community garden of Lourinhã (Horta da Lourambi), and Biofrade, one of the most important organic vegetables
farms in Portugal.

On the last day, a field activity was launched by CREIAS-Oeste to show the importance of biodiversity (especially insects) for agriculture. Participants were instructed about the advantages and techniques of planting hedges alongside agricultural fields with autochthonous plants.