… went by so fast and at the end of March we had our first intensive content-dedicated workshop in Brixen, South Tyrol. Surrounded by beautiful nature, snowcapped mountains and in the charismatic atmosphere of an old monastery, where our meeting took place, we worked on creating a common knowledge base among our consortium. Yet, that is not all. We also shared hands-on knowledge and expertise of good practices that can be found in the different regions of our consortium partners and we all became experts of the different circumstances and local characteristics of the participating regions.

Building on this, we also started drafting a first frame of key ambitions for our upcoming expert interviews that will take place in five different regions in the upcoming months. These interviews will mostly focus on the challenges businesses (start-ups, smaller companies, but also bigger ones) face when aiming at contributing to the SDGs and how those can be best overcome.

28.03.2019 – WU Vienna