… and it’s time to meet again, this time in Northern Germany, where our scientific co-lead, the University of Vechta, is located. Despite cold and rainy weather outside, we were very productive: besides preparing the final elements for our WP 1 report, we started working on WP3 and 4 already, which aim at transformative and even unusual learning settings that support the SDGs implementation as key drivers of innovation and change in the agribusiness and food production sector.

Our second day was dedicated to a field excursion, where we explored a pig farm (www.goldschmaus.de) and DIL (German Institute of Food Technology).

The last day was used for reflecting on the learnings that we can draw from the first year and what can be improved, both in terms of project flow as well as project coordination.

Building on this, we established an outline for the second project year, which will include plenty of interactive learning elements (our so called SDGs Innovation Labs and SDGs Co-Learning Labs), both specifically for existing companies, as well as for knowledge exchange and shared practices among different stakeholders linked to the agribusiness and food production sector. We are ready for 2020!