… our panel discussion “SDGs Labs – joint forces between business and academia”, taking place on November 24th, from 3- 4:30 pm CET. Our panel discussion is part of the European RCE Conference 2020 on “Climate Emergency: Joined-up action” organized by RCE East Midlands, UK.

In our session, we will not only share updates about our project progress, but you will also get a first glimpse on our “SDGs Academies” platform prototype, which will be one of the main outcomes of our SDGs Labs Knowledege Alliance.

Afterwards, we will open the discussion on how to bridge academic theory and daily business practice to push the SDGs forward.

Participating panel members are Prof. Dr. Marco Rieckmann, (professor of Higher Education Development at the University of Vechta, Germany), Mag. Johanna Bernhardt (Terra Institute, Italy and coordinator of the RCE  Euregio Tyrol), Dr. Christian Rammel, (head of the RCE Vienna, professor at the WU Vienna and a sustainability-driven entrepreneur himself) and our guest speaker Mr. Dejene Tezera, (Director of the department of agri-business development at the UNIDO).

The session would be moderated by Danijela Grubnic, coordinator of the project SDGs Labs.

You are welcome to pose questions to us throughout the session.

To participate ad to receive the link to the conference and our session, please register via https://forms.gle/ReSbsXdsWCnUW8QdA